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    About Us

C Lazy B Cattle is a commercial and purebred Red Angus operation located in central Nebraska. We're dedicated to producing top-quality Red Angus cattle.

The base cow herd of approximately 1,200 cows is always heavily culled for productivity traits and is managed under rugged conditions that mimic most commercial operations in our area. Our goal is to produce sound, efficient, and fertile cattle without giving up performance.

Stop by and visit us... only a 15 minute drive north of Kearney!

Bull Development Program

Our bulls are developed on range or a high roughage diet from the time that they are born to when they are delivered to your ranch as coming 2-year-olds! We believe that our late-April/early-May calving program best utilizes our range resources. Thus our bulls are born on summer range near Pleasanton, NE and will remain on range until weaning.  

At weaning, our bulls are placed in our grow yard where they receive a high roughage diet, until cornstalks become available after grain harvest.  Our bulls remain on stalks until early April when they go back to our grow yard until pasture turnout in May.

Then in September we ship the bulls to Darr Bull Test facility near Cozad, NE.  While at Darr Bull Test, the bulls receive a high roughage diet with a 2 lb/d target average daily gain until sale day.  After the sale, the bulls are brought back to our ranch where they will winter on range until we deliver them to you!  We want our customers to know that what you see is what you get with  C Lazy B bulls!  We strive to develop bulls  in the environment in which they will perform as herd sires for you, our customers!

Heifer Development

Heifers are calved with their steer-mates on pasture near Pleasanton.  When old enough, some calves are shipped to a ranch in Brewster for the summer whereas the remainder stay near Pleasanton.  All heifers are brought back to the feedlot for weaning, where they are put on a high roughage diet until cornstalks become available for grazing.  While on cornstalks, the heifers are supplemented with 2-3 pounds of a distillers grains-based supplement to aid in meeting their protein and energy requirements.  Heifers are pulled back into the feedlot around mid-February, early-March and are again fed a high-roughage diet.  Our goal is to get these heifers to roughly 60% of their mature weight by breeding time.  After heifers are bred via timed AI after MGA synchronization protocols are conducted, then are shipped to pasture immediately.  Supplementation on pasture is continued for up to 45 days post breeding.  After 45 days post-AI, bulls are pulled.  Heifers are preg-checked in mid-September, and any opens are sold.

Our goal with heifer development is to breed and retain more moderate-framed females who will reach a mature weight of roughly 1200 lbs.  We want our heifers to mark high on maternal ability but maintain a moderate milk EPD.  We are running these girls on range or cornstalks their entire lives, so we do not need a cow that requires a lot of extra inputs.  

Contact Us C LAZY B CATTLE COMPANY        
Cory Banzhaf, owner
35840 220th Rd.
Pleasanton , Nebraska 68866
phone: 308.440.4791